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London Pottery Hi-T Teapots (Various colours)

Retro Green
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Brew a superior cuppa, and bring bright and breezy colour to tea times (AKA 'All the time'). The London Pottery Company Hi-T Stoneware Teapot with infuser bears a fresh design from pioneering ceramist and pottery artisan, David Birch.

It's a modern take on the loose leaf teapot, with a minimalist, conical shape and an original lid which clips securely against the filter. The high-grade stainless steel tea filter allows all your favourite flavours from loose leaves to steep and infuse, but without escaping into your mug: for a smooth and superior-tasting cup of tea. Crafted from high-quality stoneware, it's has a real hardiness and makes a great centrepiece for the tea table. It's a strong heat retainer too encourage, so you can make the most of every moment in your tea-making ritual, and savour every sip.