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Beechwood Wall Clocks

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Inspired by the Ocean Clock hallmark product, the tide clock, these time-indicating wooden clocks will lighten up your walls with their hallmark colours.

Discover the collection of stylish and colourful wall clocks, to combine, according to your taste, with our other collections for an original and modern decoration.

All that, and you can impress guests with your superior French language skills: proudly announcing that when the hour hand hits Douze on New Year's Eve that it is actually twelve o'clock. Très bon!

Handcrafted with quality materials, the Ocean Clock Wall Clocks were designed as a modern and stylish everyday object. The unit is protected by a glass face. The clock mechanism is powered by a single AA battery (not supplied). Simply search online for your local beach tide times to set the clock and it will keep up time throughout the tides.

Printed in the South-West of France, the face includes inscriptions and illustrations to help you identify quickly what the tide is like at your local beaches. Its high-quality made-in-France print adds a neat finish to the tide clock and makes it a very smart and beautiful object.

Hand-assembled in Hossegor, France. Frame in natural beech wood.

Available in four designs, with complementary Tide ClocksBarometers and also Thermometers available too!

Diameter: 31cm / 12.2 inches
Depth: 4cm / 1.5 inches