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Beechwood Barometers


*Update 22/02: we have a new delivery in 1-2 weeks so there may be a small delay on receiving your barometer. If urgent, please email to check if the design you are ordering is currently in stock and ready to ship now.

What's the sky's colour going to be like? Want to become a weather pro, so get yourself one of these super-snazzy barometers hand made in France using steamed and bent strips of beech wood.

Handcrafted with quality materials, the Ocean Clock barometers were designed as a modern and stylish everyday object. The lightning bolt-shaped magnetic pointer allows you to track how the pressure changes over time. The unit is protected by a glass face. The aneroid capsule mechanism works without any need for batteries.

Printed in the South-West of France, the face includes inscriptions and illustrations to help you identify quickly the weather to come. Its high-quality made-in-France print adds a neat finish to the barometer and makes it a very smart and beautiful object.

Hand-assembled in Hossegor, France. Frame in natural beech wood, black hand & magnetic bolt-shaped pointer in beech wood.

Precision +/- 3hpa. The barometer is also adjustable using a small screw on the reverse which can be set using the pressure readings provided online by the Met Office.

Available in three designs, with complimentary Tide Clocks available here.

Thermometers will be available around March 2023!

Diameter: 25.5cm / 10 inches
Depth: 4cm / 1.5 inches
Weight: 1.2kg