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Wooden Toilet Brushes


Hand made in Germany with no plastic to be seen. Quality turned beechwood handle with Union Fibre or Tampico fibre bristle fill which won't bend like plastic bristles. Nobody likes cleaning the toilet but this will make you that bit happier!

Available as:

Small, soft - lighter, softer tampico bristles with more ornate handle. 37cm long, 8cm head diameter.

Small, firm (slightly stiff) - mix of softer tampico bristles and coarse union fibre with more ornate handle. 37cm long, 8cm head diameter.

The small ones are by far the more popular version in case you're undecided! They nicely fit our Falcon Enamel Toilet Brush pot too.

Large, very stiff - darker, coarser union fibre bristles and chunky handle.
39cm long, 9cm head diameter.

Sold individually.