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Wooden Bat House

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Bats. I'm not sure why but I flipping love bats. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing as I can recall sitting in my childhood home seeing bats zip past the windows a dusk catching flies and moths. I'm sure they'd have been nesting in the decrepit eaves of our old Victorian house. But they are on the decline aren't they? They need a home!

The Shetland Bat House provides declining numbers of this species the protection they need to nest and hibernate. Crafted from pine and available in a neutral Sage colour, we've used non-toxic stains to create the stylish natural appearance of this shelter. The house's perfectly-sized entrance allows an array of small bat breeds to gain easy access and establish a home.

Its perfect position in a garden? Ideally hung on a wall tree at around 3-6m from the ground facing between South and East in order to get 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.

Dimensions: H39.5 x W22 x D12cm
Crafted in Pine
Dip treated with a water based non-toxic wood stain