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The Best Picture Hooks in the World


You've probably bought picture hook sin the past and the nails have just bent. Well, I guarantee it wasn't this brand. These are 'X' brand picture hooks; they patented the original picture hook in 1900! The nails are incredibly hard (made from through-hardened tempered steel) and the hooks themselves are incredibly sturdy too. Don't even try and compare them with your standard B&Q fodder - these are in a different league. I have nails which I've pulled out and re-used over and over again!

Available in three sizes and packs of just nails:

  • Nails only: blister pack of 10 nails
  • No.1 size (small - single pin): box 5 hooks and 5 nails
  • No.2 size (medium - single pin): box 4 hooks and 4 nails
  • No.3 size (large - double pins): blister pack 3 hooks and 3 nails