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Radiator Cleaning Brushes


For cleaning the dust magnets that they call radiator grilles! Our radiator brushes are extremely flexible for reaching under window sills and in small spaces. The soft goat hair is so adaptable that the bristles also fit through the smallest slits in the cover. You don’t even need to remove the cover first! The wire is coated with a protective sheath that protects the heating elements from scratches.

PLEASE NOTE: when shipping these brushes we sometimes bend the brush into a loop due to extra shipping costs involved with sending very long items. The brush may not completely straighten out and is likely to retain a curve shape unless diligently straightened. If you require the brush sending fully straight then please make a note in the notes section of the shopping basket and we may request an small additional fee to ship via a courier service that handles long parcels.

Short - Overall length: 100cm, brush length: 30cm
Long - Overall length: 115cm, brush length: 50cm
(all sizes are approximate)

Oiled beechwood handle, goat hair bristles.