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Pizza Peel, Wood Fibre

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Build or place your pizza right on the peel and then slide it off onto your preheated oven rack or pizza stone. The bevelled edge makes it easy to scoop your perfect pizza from the oven when the cheese is hot and bubbly. Because these peels are made with the same material as our cutting boards, just slice and serve.

With a natural look and texture from an eco-friendly, organic, wood fibre composite, these peels are super durable, nonporous, dishwasher safe!

Available in (overall sizes):
Small 17 x 10 inch / 43 x 25 cm
Large 23 x 14 inch / 58 x 36 cm

  • Dishwasher Safe (yep, you heard me, it's wood but can go in the dishwasher!)
  • Eco Friendly
  • Heat resistant up to 350° (can be used as pan trivets)
  • Knife Friendly
  • Made in the US of A