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Pizza Oven Tools

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These pizza oven tools are for the proper pizza enthusiast! Incredibly robust and beautifully made and finished in Germany. They are long enough to prevent you burning your digits and/or face; or if you value your hair! This is next level pizza fandom!

The pizza oven broom is particularly heat resistant thanks to its Arenga bristles. The glued handle allows for insertion ­directly into the oven for optimal cleaning.

The handy bread slider makes it easier for you to re-position or remove your freshly baked breads and pizzas from the oven.

The oven scraper is particularly heat-resistant, you can easily distribute the embers when heating up the oven and then pull them out just as easily.

Untreated beechwood handles.
Broom: Arenga (plant) fibre; singe-proof
Sheet steel, burnished, 2mm
Slider: Birch plywood 

Broom: 100 cm, head width 16 cm
 100 cm, head width 19.5 cm
Slider: 110 cm, head width 24 cm