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Paper Star Lampshade - Prosecco White

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One of our brightest starlights, this stylish white lampshade shines with clear luminescence. Against a brilliant white background, light glimmers through hundreds of tiny perforations with a captivating twinkle. Beautifully versatile, clear light, clean lines and striking geometric form make it at home with any colour scheme, and perfect for close work.

This hand-made and hand-printed paper star shade is subtly decorative and is at home anywhere that welcomes a clear light with decorative detail. It also looks fantastic displayed in a window for Christmas or as a main light in a room or hallway. Also looks fantastic with a hanging LED light or battery operated fairy lights.

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  • Perfect for: main lampshade, venue décor, shop window, parties, celebrations, Christmas
  • Hygge your home and display in a window or over a table for Christmas
  • Creates clear bright light
  • Base Colour: White
  • Number of tips: 9
  • Diameter: 60cm

How do I use my star?

Use as a lampshade over any pendant light fitting or as a lantern with a set of battery operated LED fairy lights inside. Our stars also look fantastic unlit as 3D decorations.

To preserve materials, we encourage using our stars over a light source you may already have – but we do supply cable kits and fairy lights just in case you need them!

Our stars are perfect for use indoors, or in dry outdoor environments.

What lamp should I use inside?

They have been tested to use with a maximum wattage bulb of 40 watts.

However - LED lamps between 2 and 5 watts are the best – the higher the wattage and lumens ( e.g. 5 watts ), the brighter it will be. For a more ambient glow, use a set of LED fairy lights or a lower wattage lamp ( e.g. 2 watts ).

The effects of the star will be different depending on which colour star and which type of light you use inside.

Our stars conform to the British Standard for luminaires BS EN 60598

How do they work?

They come flat. You simply open them up one point at a time and tie the two cords together to form a perfect star.

Instructions are provided with each lantern and you can watch a video which shows you how to open and hang it.