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Natural Sisal Rope Washing Line

Listen here! I'm about to make the case for sisal as the Ideal Eco-friendly Washing Line!

Sisal cordage comes from a kind of Agave plant and so is a natural product and fully biodegradable. The fibres are strong and stiff. It has a fairly coarse texture which helps clothes grip better to the line. Sisal rope has excellent resistance to sunlight, good weather resistance and very little stretch; and good knot-holding ability. Anything else? Oh yes, it doesn't stain like many other rope materials too.

I'm sold!

Good lord, it sounds perfect for washing line!

If you want the ultimate eco washing line then pair with our wooden spring clothes pegs, wooden dolly/storm pegs or for-life stainless steel clothes pegs

Size: length: 10 m, Ø 5 mm