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Lick Eco Paint Brush

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Paint tool makers, Lick, are a certified B-corp (in short: very sustainably minded). They've worked hard to create tools that are high quality, durable and eco-friendly. All the paint trays and brushes are climate neutral on product level, and manufactured to the highest environmental standards.

Lick's range of professional standard brushes are designed to take on any job and provide perfect paint lay-off. Plus they're eco friendly! Made from bamboo, natural fibres and recycled material. The solid bamboo handle comes from a sustainably managed forest, and gives ultimate control too.

  • Zero bristle-loss
  • 60% recycled steel ferrule
  • Made with bamboo
  • Developed with professionals

  • 1.5" Angled Paint Brush

    This is the only brush you need for cutting-in perfect edges and borders. The bristles are tapered to give the neatest stroke of paint every time, and are built to last from one project to the next. 

    2" Flat Paint Brush
    This 2" flat brush is useful for pretty much any painting scenario. The bristle mix is designed for maximum paint hold and a smooth layoff. 

    3" Flat Paint Brush
    This is a solid brush choice for large chunks of painting, including over rougher or textured surfaces. Even with its size, you'll still have ultimate control thanks to the solid bamboo handle and high quality bristle-mix. The paint pick-up and layoff won't let you down. 

    Eco Paint Brush Set
    Meet the ultimate paint brush set. With three different size options, you'll have every kind of space and wall covered. Each one has a high quality and durable bristle-mix, a recycled metal ferrule that won't rust and a chunky bamboo handle for a firm grip. 
    Contains: 1.5" Angled brush, 2" Flat brush & 3" Flat brush