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LED Filament GLS Bulbs


Buying light bulbs in the 2020s is a bit of a nightmare isn't it?! We try and simplify it by telling you a bit about the bulbs below... hope it helps!

These lamps are low energy LED with filaments that make it look like one of the old-style 'squirrel' bulbs but whilst being long-life LEDs. We now only stock Crompton Lamps because they are excellent quality and will far outlast some of the big name brands like Energizer and Eveready. They have been in the light bulb business since 1878 so they know a thing or two!

  • Fitting: BC (B22) Bayonet or ES (E27) Screw
  • Colour: Warm white (2700K)
  • Light output:
    • 5W: 410 lumens (approx. 40W incandescent bulb)
    • 7.5W: 638 lumens (approx. 60W incandescent bulb)
  • Dimmable: Yep!
  • Shape: GLS (Traditional bulbshape)
  • Glass: Clear or Pearl finish

Bear in mind that although our LED bulbs are dimmable, LED bulbs in general prefer the next generation of V-Com dimmers which work over the much narrower range of power that LEDs use. If you've had issues with dimmable LED bulbs flickering it may be an issue with the dimmer switch rather than the bulb. We also sell the new generation V-com dimmer switches here.