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Detergent Laundry Sheets

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Simple Living Eco means a kinder way to clean. These laundry detergent sheets dissolve in seconds, even in luke-warm water. Suitable for all washing machines, one sheet cleans and softens an 8KG load without the need for softener. These UK made sheets offer superior cleaning power, removing more stains than the market leading brand in independent lab tests so your clothes are left clean and fresh, even after a cool wash.

Why we love it:

  • First UK made laundry sheets
  • Completely plastic free laundry
  • No bulky packaging, easy to store
  • Plant based ingredients are safe and kind to your skin and nature
  • So easy to use, no messy liquids or powders

Tell me more:
Designed with the environment and sensitive skins in mind, these plastic free laundry detergent sheets dissolve easily and have a strong, effective cleaning power that is completely natural. The unique, plant based formulation makes each sheet totally biodegradable and truly a much kinder and safer option for the environment, your skin and your clothes. The spring fresh fragrance is achieved using rose and lily essential oils.

Each sheet is easy to use - simply pop 1 or 2 sheets (depending on load size and degree of cleaning required) in the drum on top of your clothes. One regular load is approximately 5kg of lightly soiled laundry, or the equivalent of one cup of liquid detergent or one pod - without the mess and plastic waste! 3 sheets may be required for heavier loads such as bedding and towels. For hand washing, tear half a sheet and swirl in a bowl of hot water until it dissolves.

Designed in the UK and produced in the Netherlands from natural biodegradable ingredients that are kind to the environment and marine life. The brand is in the process of setting up its own production unit in the UK during 2022. Packaged in a simple Kraft card box that is completely recyclable.

Always handle with dry hands. Store in a cool dry place away from damp conditions.

Palm oil free. Vegan friendly.

Laundry sheets each measure approximately 9cm wide x 11cm long. Available in packs of 32 or 64 sheets.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate - natural surfactant derived from Coconut Oil. Sodium laureth sulfate - mild surfactant safe for sensitive skin. Fatty alcohol ethoxylate - surfactant derived from coconut oil. Coconut DEA - foaming agent (derived from coconuts).
Spring Fresh: lavender essential oil and rose oil.

Coconut: Coconut oil.
Unscented: No fragrance.