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Traditional Sheffield Safety Razor

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I didn't need to start properly shaving till I was in my thirties so I can't profess to a be world expert! However, after taking one of these home recently I've been blown away by how close they shave, how comfortable they are, and how easy they are to use! Kind of make you wonder why Gillette became a thing.

Anyway, these beauts have been made by Edwin Jagger for many a year. Assembled in Sheffield using their own quality manufactured parts they are tried and tested unlike some of the rushed-to-market newcomers out there.

Edwin Jagger is Europe's foremost manufacturer of luxury handmade shaving equipment. The DE89 Chrome Lined DE Safety Razor is a high-quality closed comb double edge safety razor. Fitted with the classic Edwin Jagger DE Head, which has been popular amongst the wet shaving community for many years. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and finished with a high-quality chrome plate. It has an excellent reputation for the expert level of shaving it achieves.

When used with any standard DE razor blade and quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a close and accurate shave often compared to that of a straight razor.

The handle is finished with an attractive lined pattern, giving the razor a particularly pleasant aesthetic and superb wet grip. The handle length of the razor is approximately 85mm, with the overall length of the razor measuring approximately 93mm. You can also get a matching stand for safe and handy shelf storage!

Comes with a single double-sided Feather blade. We sell replacement blades in packs of five paper wrapped blades. The blades can be recycled after use, making this product a popular choice for those looking for a waste free method of shaving!