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Eco-Friendly Recycled Wood Firelighters

Woodcycle make the only firelighters on the market that are 100% made from both recycled wood and recycled wax! The wood is collected from waste wood offcuts from businesses right here in Yorkshire.

The firelighters are designed to light easily and to burn for an average of 9 minutes, making them one of the most effective and sustainable natural firelighters on the market. We at Heima tested them against our other brand 'Woodies' and these burned for longer and with the same heat

Simply light the firelighter, add kindling, sit back and enjoy.

Box of 50 firelighters. Plastic free.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything Woodcycle do, which is why through every stage of the production process they are mindful of the impact their operations on the planet. From sourcing local waste wood & recycled wax, FSC Certification and to shipping our products in 100% recyclable packaging, Woodcycle is committed to operating responsibly.