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Crushgrind Colombia Manual Coffee Grinder

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Crushgrind make coffee grinders as well as salt and pepper mills? Flipping yes!

In a fast paced, everyday life where coffee often ends up being drunk on the go Crushgrind have developed a product that gives you the possibility to take a step back and enjoy the coffee making process. The smell and sounds of the beans being ground. The feeling you get when you manually put effort into creating the perfect cup of coffee. The sense of investing just a little more time that will allow you to experience the authentic flavour of good ground coffee.

The grinder is made for both the home and excursions, it is slim and fits easily into a kitchen drawer or a bag. Only the necessary is included. To save space the handle can be positioned on top transforming its function into a lid as the arm is held in place by a magnet on the side.

Form follows function which gives the product its iconic look with the sphere at the top.

Dimensions: 20 x 5.5 cm (handle on side)