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Colour Jute Twist Twines (5 colours)

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This iconic colourful jute twine spool from the Nutscene® Heritage Range are still produced in the factory in the County of Angus, Scotland, on theoriginal winding machines which were introduced circa 1922.

The twine is composed of biodegradable materials, sourced from sustainable resources for over 90 years. Whether you use it in the garden, in the kitchen, classroom or craft room, Nutscene remains the original and best producer of quality colourful jute twines.

The spool is 10cm high, composed of strong 3ply Twine and is 110m approximate in length. Uniquely Nutscene spools and balls of Twine all dispense from the centre making it easier to work with and less likely to unravel. Winning!

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