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Cleaning / Bottle Brushes, Cotton Tip

Cleaning Brush

A variety of useful brushes for cleaning out bottles, tubes or anywhere fiddly you need to get in to clean!


(Overall length / Brush diameter ∅ / Brush length)

26cm Straight
26cm / 1cm / 6cm
28cm Straight
28cm / 1.5cm / 9cm
32cm Straight
32cm / 5cm / 12.5cm
40cm Straight
40cm / 2.8cm / 12.5cm
52cm Straight
52cm / 5.5cm / 16cm
49cm Straight
49cm / 1cm / 11cm
28cm Tapered
28cm / 3 to 1cm / 8cm

All sizes are approximate.

Made from stainless steel wire, boar bristle, cotton.