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Child's Corn Sweep Broom


Forget buying kids naff toys that they'll be bored of after a day. Kids just want to help. They want to do what we do. They're quite clearly bonkers but, hey, use it to your advantage! My wee boy loves using his mini broom and mini dustpan and brush to help around the house. Of course, he usually misses the dustpan and just moves it around the house but at least it keeps him entertained. Precious!

This well-packed rice corn broom has a lovely bright, red handle and comes in two sizes suited to different ages.

Designed and developed by Redecker in Germany, quality brush manufacturers since 1935.

Available in 80cm length (recommended age 1-3) or 110cm (age 3-8). Orders containing the 110cm broom will be sent by Evri (3-5 day) as they are too long for our normal Royal Mail service.