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Bamboo Spork & Cork Travel Case


A spork is a cross between a fork and a spoon. Crazy! Okay, the name was coined in the early 1900s but it still sounds pretty zany.

One of bambu's specially designed travel pieces for people on the go, the 'spork & cork' contains the best-selling spork in a stylish cork fabric sleeve. It's ideal for keeping in a lunch box and for picnicking. Made from a single piece of bamboo, then hand shaped and finished.

The handy carry case is ideal for keeping the spork in your bag. It is made from cork fabric - an innovative material made from a thin layer of cork applied to a cotton backing. The cork fabric is amazingly supple and tactile, with a lovely matt finish and a smooth leather-like feel. It is also very durable, anti-microbial, water and stain resistant and is even machine washable.

The spork can be washed in the dishwasher however, as with wooden products, we recommend hand washing to prolong life and avoid soaking. The case can be machine washed on a cold cycle. Does it get any more convenient than this?

Case is 10cm x 5.5cm. Spork is 9cm long.