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Porcelain Coffee Drip Filter

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A simple, time-effective way of making good coffee as an alternative to French press cafetières. Simply pop on top of your mug, add the filter paper and coffee, pour water into the top and let gravity do its work accelerating that brew at 9.81m/s². Gravity... where would we be without it? Well, everywhere I guess. Anyway...

Available in two sizes: No.2 for a any single cup/mug and No.4 for larger American-style mugs of coffee and for small jugs. Replacement filters for both sizes available here.

  • Filter produces a smoother and more flavoursome coffee that is visibly clearer/free of unwanted sediments
  • Three 6 mm holes in the base of the filter provide an optimal flow rate
  • Most effective when filtering coffee of a medium to fine grind
  • Made from premium-quality porcelain that is dishwasher safe