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Duckhead Eco-friendly Umbrella, Recycled Fabric


The Compact Duck Umbrella is small enough to fit in a tote bag so you can pop it in there rain or shine! With fabric made from recycled bottles and a head made from sustainably sourced birch wood, this umbrella is a great choice for those wanting a greener option for keeping the rain at bay. And, lets face it, they look ace too!

  • Handmade
  • 100% Recycled PET fabric made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Solid wood handle made from sustainably sourced Birch wood
  • Automatic open button for easy deployment
  • High strength steel and aluminium frame
  • Weight: 350g/ 12.34oz
  • Length: 35cm/ 14”

A word on sustainability from the makers: Sustainability has been part of our mission since we started creating umbrellas back in 2012. Here are our guiding principles:

Minimize waste We are conscious that producing anything new has an impact on the environment. We are continuously working to eliminate waste at every stage of production.

Design longevity Designing umbrellas sustainably means designing umbrellas to last. We want every umbrella we make to live a long, productive life so we prioritize quality, ensuring our materials and construction hold up over time and age with character.


  • rPET- We only use recycled fabrics. rPET is a versatile and strong material, created by upcycling post-consumer waste. Each of our umbrellas is made from 9 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Waterproofing- Our umbrellas are waterproofed with an eco-friendly non-toxic AC coating.
  • Biodegradable poly-bags- our polybags are certified 100% biodegradable which means they biodegrade in landfills.
  • All the packaging we use to ship from our factory to our warehouses, to our retail partner and to your homes is fully recyclable.

Production We have a long-standing partnership with our manufacturer in China, who is committed to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.