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Compost Bin with Bucket Liner

Charcoal Grey
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Compost buckets are pretty much our raison d'être(something to do with dried grapes). Which is ironic because here in York the composting collecting situation is, ahem, terrible. Just saying. Sort it out York Council.

Supplied with a removable inner bucket and handle, food waste can be put directly inside or within a compostable liner bag before being transferred outside. Store neatly on your kitchen worktop, utility room or in a cupboard ready to fill up during meal preparations. Holding 3.5 litres it will ensure homes becomes more eco friendly and aid in food recycling.

If you are feeling very zany you can do what we do and use it as a small dry nappy pail for the baby's nursery - we just turned the 'Compost' lettering towards the wall. Quite unbelievable bravado on our part!