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Safety Razor, Bamboo Handle

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Elevate your shaving experience with our plastic-free bamboo safety razor and say goodbye to single-use plastics. Not only is this razor environmentally friendly, but it’s also more economical than traditional cartridge razors.

This re-usable razor is crafted from ethically sourced, highly-sustainable bamboo, so you can have a sharp, sustainable shave and do your part to protect our planet from the 8 to 10 million tons of waste that enter the ocean each year. Take action now with our plastic-free razor and enjoy an authentic, effective wet-shave that won’t break the bank.

Disposable plastic razors have a terrible environmental impact, conventional re-usable metal razors still use non-recyclable cartridges and are wasteful and expensive. There is a better, more ethical alternative out there – and you’ve found it.

Authentic High-Quality Shaving – Discover the benefits of a real authentic wet shaving experience. Our bamboo safety razor provides a professional shave free from ingrown hairs or other irritations.

Sustainable Construction – Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, our razor is designed to last near enough a lifetime. You simply add standard double-edged razors – there is no need to replace the razor itself or buy expensive cartridges.

Save Money – Double-edged razors cost 10p – 20p each, a vast reduction compared to non-recyclable razorblade cartridges. Save money in the long run and contribute less waste to land and sea.

Help the Planet – Conventional razors are awful for the environment. This green solution sacrifices nothing, it allows you to achieve a professional shave without contributing to landfill and oceanic pollution.