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Tin of Twine


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Twine in a tin contains a spool of Nutscene's finest 2ply jute twine, two strands twisted - about 2mm thick. A hole in the lid allows for easy tangle free dispensing from the tin so you don't inadvertently get in a "cat's cradle" kind of situation.

Labels which first adorned Nutscene's fine twine in the 1940's re styled for today's look.

The Vintage-style tin comes with a roll of greentwist twine. The nautral tin comes with some plain jute fillis twin (uncoloured). Both are 200 metres.

The twine is still produced today in the Nutscene factory in Scotland. Running on the same machinery which first produced Nutscene twines in 1922. The tin is also manufactured in the UK.

The tin stands at 11.5 cm tall, diameter is 9cm.

The twine is of course biodegradable.