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Insulated Cafetiere - Gunmetal Finish


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When a tepid second cup of coffee isn't good enough, this cafetiere is called for! Looks cool. Keeps drinks hot.

The double-walled, stainless steel body and lid keeps coffee hot for three times longer than a conventional cafetière, for a mindful experience where drinkers can relax and enjoy coffee through long breakfasts and lunches without worrying about a cold brew.

Brushed gunmetal finish with a minimalist product shape adds an industrial edge. Constructed in stainless steel, this cafetière has a PVD coating which means the gunmetal colour cannot scratch or peel off unlike traditional paints and lacquers.

350ml serves 3 small coffee cups (or one mug)
1000ml serves 8 small coffee cups (or three mugs)

E-Cloth is included.