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Weston Mill Pottery

Terracotta Salt Piglet

This salt piglet is a smaller version of the larger salt/garlic pig. It offers the same benefits as the salt pig, but in a smaller handy size. With a rustic oyster glaze finish on the upper half.

A terracotta salt piglet is a practical and convenient way to store salt, favoured by the serious cook. Terracotta is naturally porous, which makes it ideal for storing salt. Any moisture is absorbed, keeping the salt dry and ready for use. For this reason the inside of the salt piglet is unglazed.

This rustic glazed finish is achieved by dipping the pot into two glazes which then melt & react with each other in the kiln creating unique effects. Shades of cream, white & beige combine to complement the terracotta.

Hand made in Nottinghamshire, UK.
Width/Diameter: 12cm - Height: 14cm