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Refill collection

Book a contactless click and collect refill of your household products. 

Pay £10 now. For orders under that amount we will immediately refund the difference once the order is collected. For orders over that amount we will send you a payment link for the difference. The reason we do this is that for most refill orders the amount will be less than £10 so it is easier for you if we issue a refund rather than getting you to go through the checkout process again.

Please add this product to your basket and when you check out you can type in the product notes when is suitable time/day for you to bring them. We will confirm that with you once you have checked out. Available times are between 10am and 5pm on Wed, Fri and Sat. Remember to change the delivery method to "Local Pickup" at checkout.

We will have a doorbell on the shop front, you can bring your bottles down the alley to the right of the shop door and leave them at the back doorstep, we will take them in to be refilled and then drop them back outside within 5 minutes. All contact free!

For any enquiries please email us shop@heima.uk or call 01904 624180.


washing-up liquid £2.65 / litre
washing-up liquid (grapefruit) £3.00 / litre
laundry liquid £4.20 / litre
laundry liquid (juniper or lavender) £4.50 / litre
fabric conditioner £2.45 / litre
fabric conditioner (juniper or lavender) £2.70 / litre
washing powder £4.00 / kg
toilet cleaner £2.65 / litre
a/p sanitiser spray £3.30 / litre
bathroom spray £3.30 / litre
glass & mirror spray £4.20 / litre
floor cleaner £4.65 / litre
hand wash (fragrance-free) £5.00 / litre
hand wash (geranium, lime&aloe, ropsemary&thyme) £5.20 / litre

Other brands

white vinegar £2.50 / litre
hair shampoo (grapefruit or unscented) £1 / 100ml
hair conditioner (grapefruit or unscented) £1 / 100ml
body wash (grapefruit or unscented) £1 / 100ml
citric acid £5 / kg
borax £5 / kg
bicarb of soda £3 / kg
epsom salts £3 / kg
soda crystals £2 / kg