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Redbuoy Carbolic Soap Twin Pack

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Before the introduction of anti-bacterial sprays and wipes, Carbolic Acid was the mainstay of cleaning and laundry in houses, hospitals, factories, shops, schools, public baths, institutions and prisons. This started from the 1870s up to the 1990s. The use of Carbolic Soap was worldwide and there are many customers including nurses requesting that Carbolic Soap is reintroduced onto the market.

For many of our younger customers, they may not recognise this kind of soap, however, they will certainly remember the aroma from their mothers or grandmothers house as it evokes a clean healthy environment.

Redbuoy household/laundry carbolic soap is not only ideal for around the house, but also for gardening, farmers, kennels, garage mechanics, livery stables etc etc

2 x 130g