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Pyramid Bee Hotel

If mason bees went to Glastonbury this is where they'd hang out - their very own pyramid stage! No doubt when not filling the tubes of their hotel with eggs, pollen and soil they'd be watching such bands as The Beetles, The Hives, Queen, Beeyoncé, Sting and, of course, The Bees. 

Made right here in the York shop by yours truly using FSC redwood pine, bamboo cane with a non-toxic Earthborn claypaint finish.

Can be hung on their own or in arrangements such a hexagon or 4 triangle stack.

The claypaint outer will weather over time and can be waxed or varnished if you'd like to keep the colour looking fresh.

Supplied with a steel mounting plate which allows the hotel to hook on to a nail or screw in the wall.

Dimensions (single):
W19.5 x H17 x D11.5 cm

Sold individually or in packs.