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Paper Star Lampshade - Deluxe Ivory lace

The subtlety and timeless elegance of Lace for the larger space, this is a larger 87cm hand-made 5-tipped star light shade in ivory with superb luminescence, delicate printing - and all the intricacy of the smaller designs. Clear teardrop-shaped jewels of light emit a white opal glow against a classic ivory white background, and an intricate screen printed design creates the final flourish of Lace. The neutral tones of this ivory ceiling shade make it perfect as a main lampshade in any room and its softly diffused light is clear enough for reading or close work.

Its delicate design and subtle Lace motif make this hand-made lantern perfect for wedding décor and the larger sized design looks fantastic arranged in a display alongside its smaller counterparts. Used as a spectacular centrepiece or Christmas decoration for a larger space, this Deluxe lampshade is also perfect for shop window displays and rooms with higher ceilings. The larger size makes a bold statement - use it as a centrepiece for a celebration or a Christmas decoration for the larger space.

  • Lantern style: Deluxe Lanterns
  • Paper weight: 170 GSM
  • Point length: 43.5cm
  • Paper colour: Ivory Lace
  • Number of star points: 5
  • Total star size: 87 x 87cm
  • British Standard Tested