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Flatpack Camping Rocket Stove

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The Mini Stove is a new design of the large K2 stove in flat-pack camping rocket stoves, which reduces fuel requirements and reduces smoke emissions through the efficient use of wood.

Assembled dimensions: 24cm tall, with a 9cm x 9cm flue, and a maximum width of 21cm out to the edge of the firebox. The pot stand is 17cm wide, and the assembled stove can take pots of 15-25cm diameter.

The stove uses small pieces of wood as fuel, and is very easy to light. Once the fire is up and running and the stove is nice and hot (which takes 5 to 10 minutes in normal conditions), the stove can boil a litre of water in under 10 minutes. Full instructions are provided.

Please note that the stove must be used on a paving slab or other non-combustible surface as the ash drops to the ground. This stove is designed for outdoor use only, and requires a level surface and sheltered location for optimum results.

Flattens down to just 0.5cm thick! Weighs only 700g. Perfect for camping trips where space-saving is needed.

You can purchase the stove only (comes in a plastic-free jiffy bag) or with a strong drawstring bag made from upcycled fabrics. Fabrics are randomly selected so if there is any kind of colour/design you'd like to avoid please let us know. The image shown is just an idea of the kind of bag you will receive. That make sense?!

Made in Yorkshire :)