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Cook's Dry Measure


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One of our classic bestsellers! The internal design of the Cook's Measures features markings in ounces, grams, American and English cups and pints. The Indigo design has the extra ingredients of cous cous, bulgar wheat and Arborio rice. Simply pour the ingredients up to the desired level. The metric and imperial measurements make it easy to follow favourite old cookery books as well as recipes passed down from parents and grandparents.

Tala's cooks' measures have been hand made in Liverpool, England since the 1920s using the same production methods. I remember using one of these cooking with my mum and it had belonged to her mum before her - so they last! Possibly because they bounce rather than smash!

The measures are also calibrated for fluid measurements and can be used to measure liquids for immediate use - but they are not watertight and liquids will soon find their way through the seams.

The light blue measure with the cream inner is the original 1950s design.
The all indigo and ivory version is a modern take on the old design.

Capacity: 400ml / 1.5 cup
Dimensions: 14.5cm high, 10cm wide.