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Paper Star Lampshade - North Star Red

We can’t fail to notice the North Star, the brightest star in our skies, a mere 433 light years away. A little closer to home, our North Star paper lantern in spectacular scarlet is a mood light that can’t be missed. An exciting way to decorate a larger space or venue, this larger sized 7 pointed designer light shade in vibrant scarlet emits a softer light and deep atmospheric glow and casts moving patterns of light on walls and ceiling. Our scarlet lantern produces a warm comforting ambience and is perfect for creating a cosy nook or breakaway space at a party or celebration. Its rosy glow is also perfect for shop window displays, bedrooms, chillout spaces and homes with higher ceilings.

Skilfully hand-made in paper, 252 cut-out star shapes and 672 precise pin holes on each paper star give North Star its distinctive twinkle. Visible from some distance, this is an unforgettable statement piece which gives effective coverage for displays and venues. If you’re looking for mood lighting, ambient lighting or party décor, create a spectacular display for Christmas, Valentines and your favourite celebration by combining our scarlet starlight with some of our smaller designs, hung at different heights.

  • Lantern style: North Star
  • Paper weight: 170 GSM
  • Point length: 43.5cm
  • Paper colour: Scarlet Red
  • Number of star points: 7
  • Total star size: 87 x 87cm
  • British Standard Tested